Our Philosophy

We believe in the concept of worker ownership and value the right of workers to exercise direct control over their workplace. Co-operation and consensus allow for each worker to have an equal voice in making decisions. We support other democratic co-ops and collectives as well as local businesses in our purchasing and promotional activities.

Organic Planet Worker Co-op is committed to supplying Winnipeg with fresh & organic produce, groceries, vegan & gluten-free options, non-toxic home and body products, and feeding folks through our organic & vegan deli. 

 Our aim is to provide Winnipeg with organic, local, fairly traded products from smaller or independent suppliers. Whenever possible, we purchase our products from local producers or other Canadian co-ops. This reduces shipping costs, both financially and ecologically, and ensures that our financial capital stays in the community, supporting our local economy - progressive local industry, workers, and farmers. 

We are committed to the principles of Community Economic Development, and building a stronger, more self-sufficient community. 

Why a Worker Co-op?

Worker co-ops are co-operative enterprises that are owned and democratically controlled by the employees. The main purpose of a worker co-op is to provide employment for its members. Each member pays a membership fee or purchases a membership share, and has one vote regardless of how much they have invested in the co-op. The co-op’s assets are collectively owned and surplus earnings are allocated to the workers according to policies established by the co-op, often in proportion to hours worked by members and with limited return on shares.

This model is in contrast to traditional business models that aim to make profit for the shareholders, who receive their share of profit according to the amount of money they have invested in the business. Control of the business is traditionally based on the amount of the money invested, usually one vote per share purchased. 

One Member, One Vote

In a worker co-op, each member has one vote, no matter how many shares they have purchased. Everyone has equal say in the way the business is ran and in the decisions affecting their everyday work lives. Members combine their skills, interests and experiences to achieve mutual goals, such as creating jobs for themselves, providing a community service or increasing democracy in the workplace. Because they develop the policies that determine the co-op’s daily and long-term operation, trust, communication and co-operation are vital elements in the co-op’s success.


To learn more about the Worker Co-op model, check out the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation.